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Questions to Ask Your Future Sober Coach

You’re thinking about getting sober and you’re looking for help to stay sober. Amazing! Sober coaches are a great option for you to consider. Unsure exactly what a sober coach is or does? I’ve got you. Click here and then circle back to this blog. Working with a sober coach will provide you with the accountability, support, and tools you need to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and will teach you the tools so that you can sustain your sobriety long after you’re done working with them.

While I absolutely believe you can get sober on your own, working with a coach can really expedite the process, taking all the guesswork and trial and error out of it plus you’ll always have someone there, in your corner, cheering you on. A coaching relationship and dynamic is intimate in nature and very much an investment of your time, energy and resources so before committing to working with a coach, it’s important to get to know them, their approach to sobriety and coaching, their background and training and more so that you can feel confident that the person you are hiring can support you in getting the results you want.

Most coaches offer complimentary calls as a way to get to know each other and learn more about their services and how they can support you. This is just ONE way to connect with your potential coach. The good news is there are lots of other ways to connect with your potential coach including subscribing to their newsletter, grabbing a freebie or two of theirs, joining their online community, listening to podcasts they’ve been on or reading articles that they’re written. Chances are all of these steps you can take will be free and will give you the chance to get to know your potential future coach. And once you have a better sense of this person, you should reach out to book a call or apply for coaching.

I always encourage folks to do their research and speak with a few different coaches to get a sense of who they are, how they work with clients, what their program looks like and the results you can expect to experience. Prior to meeting with any potential coaches, it’s a good idea to think about what results you hope to achieve and how you best like to be supported. Because coaching is an unregulated industry, this is also a great way to screen out coaches with inadequate training, certifications or skill sets. Here are some questions you might want to ask your potential future sober coach:

  1. How long have you been coaching?

  2. Can you tell me more about your coaching training and certifications?

  3. How will I know if I’m making progress?

  4. How long will we work together?

  5. What is your availability and how are sessions booked?

  6. If I drink/relapse while we are working together, what happens?

  7. What happens after our time together is complete?

  8. What’s included in your package?

  9. If an emergency or urgent situation arises, what support do you offer?

  10. Can you provide references of past clients who can speak to your effectiveness as a sober coach?

  11. How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy for your clients?

  12. What is the cost?

  13. How do you accept payments?

  14. Are your services covered by benefits? Do you accept insurance?

  15. How do you maintain boundaries between personal and professional relationships with clients?

  16. Do you offer tools and resources for me to use beyond our sessions?

Remember to ask any additional questions that are specific to your situation or concerns as well as if your potential sober coach has worked with past clients who have similar experiences to yours. The goal is to find a sober coach who aligns with your goals, understands your unique circumstances, can provide the support you need on your alcohol-free journey and can help you achieve the results you’re looking for in your life. Good luck!


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