Podcast Interviews

I love connecting with others for robust, in-depth conversations!

This is one of the many reasons I LOVE doing podcast interviews! Podcasts are a great way to gain new knowledge and insights in a quick and accessible way. For me, they are an excellent platform to challenge normative alcohol culture, connect with like-minded folks in the fields of addiction, recovery, wellness and sobriety and they are an fantastic way for folks to learn more about me and how I go about my work. 


Check out my podcast interviews below and don't be shy about reaching out with questions!   

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Guest Interview on Decidedly Dry by Jess Steitzer (July 2022)


Guest Interview on Hot + Brave, the Podcast by bebo mia, hosted by Bianca Sprague (June 2022)


Guest Interview on Clear and Present by Bryen Fulcher (June 2022)


Guest Interview on Recovery Elevator by Paul Churchill, interviewed by Odette Cressler (June 2022)


Guest Interview on Show Up and Stay by DeAnn Knighton (April 2022)


Guest Interview on Subject Matters Pros: The Podcast by Kunal Desai (March 2022)


Guest Interview on The Other Side of Hell Podcast by Will Jorensen and Cameron Jackson (March 2022)


Guest Interview on The Weekend Sober Podcast by Kim Kearns and Catherine O'Brien (Feb 2022)


Guest Interview on The Yoga of Motherhood Podcast by Melissa Kushnaryov (Nov 2021)


Guest Interview on the Sobriety.Matters Podcast by Dusty Koekenberg (Nov 2021)


Guest Interview on Inspiring Insights webinar by Reawaken Co. (Jan 2021)


Guest Interview on Bend: The Podcast, co-founded by Lillian Gudmundsson & Deb McGuire (Nov 2020)


Guest Interview on After Alcohol podcast by Rise Revolution, co-founded by Leanne Franks & Leisa Leon (Oct 2020)


Guest Interview on The Dry Life podcast by Kayla Lyons, founder of 1000 Hours Dry (Sept 2020)


Guest Interview on The After Party: A Podcast about Sobriety, by The Sober Kates (July 2020)


Guest Interview on Try, Fail, Succeed podcast with Justyna St. James (July 2020)


Guest Interview on Inspired Living podcast with Meg Casten (July 2020)


Guest Interview on Live Coffee Talk with Michelle Kuei on Sobriety (May 2020)


Guest Interview on The Wellness Entrepreneur podcast with Kirsty Kianifard (October 2019)


Guest Interview on Sobriety Corps podcast with Kim Palombo (October 2019)


Guest Interview on Power Up Your Performance podcast with Kim Peek (July 2019)


Guest Interview on My Gratitude Attitude podcast with Lindsay Lesage (July 2019)

If you host a podcast and think I would be a great guest for it, please reach out to me directly at helloholandwell@gmail.com to discuss. Thank you!