About Amy C. Willis

Who am I and how did I become a Sobriety & Mindset Coach? 

Great question!

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when my wellness journey and my journey to self began but there were several pivotal moments that happened along the way that caused me to end up here.


One pivotal moment was when I started my first wellness business several years ago. Prior to this, I barely read food labels and certainly didn't think twice about what might be in the personal care products I was using daily or the impact they would have on me. Since then, I have educated myself on the importance of clean, whole-foods based eating as well as the negative impact that toxic chemicals (from personal care and cleaning products) has one our bodies and overall health.

Just over a year into starting my wellness business, my dad died. This was also an incredibly influential moment in my life that shifted how I moved forward. From his passing, ironically, I learned what self-care really was, learned how to create and hold boundaries and probably most importantly, began to question my own problematic relationship with alcohol.

While it took me a while to get sober, it was ultimately my dad's death that indirectly got me on the recovery path and also started my journey to becoming a Sobriety & Mindset Coach. 

In witnessing my father's struggles with alcohol and my mother's struggles with food, I subconsciously decided that my life was not going to end up like theirs and so I made different choices. I knew that if I wanted my life to be different, I was responsible for making it different through my beliefs, thoughts, actions and behaviours. 

I started reading a lot of personal development and self-help books (visit my Lead Your Life Library page to see some of my faves) and began to feel empowered in my life, understanding that what happens next is up to me. 

I began to understand the impact that beliefs and habits have on our daily lives and futures. I began to truly step into the great responsibility of owning and leading my life and believing that I can create the life I want.

When I think about the roads my parents went down individually, it scares me to think how easily I could have followed in their footsteps. And I did, in my own ways, for a while, through disordered eating behaviours and alcohol use disorder. But in practicing radical honesty with myself about what I wanted for my life, I decided to make different choices because I knew I deserved and was meant for more.

I've lived through a lot of adversity and struggle and have made it out the other side stronger, healthier, wiser and more resilient. I have overcome years of disordered eating, unhealthy relationships, alcohol use disorder, the death of a parent and the loss of the other. My own experiences and journey have inspired me to become a Sobriety & Mindset Coach to support women in making powerful, positive change in their lives and to step fully into their power so that they can also lead lives of purpose and passion. I wholeheartedly believe that we have the power and resolve to change our lives if we wish. I'm here for you. Let's start the conversation.