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About Amy C. Willis, The Holistic Sober Coach

I've been working professionally in the recovery space since 2019 and have been sober since August 2016. I arrived at this work after struggling with a severe alcohol addiction for more than 15 years. I also grew up in a home where my dad struggled with alcohol addiction, ultimately leading to his early passing.

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As such, this work is both deeply personal and meaningful for me.

When I got sober, there were few options that spoke to my needs as a woman and as a queer person and I knew it was vital to address the whole person when it comes to healing through recovery and sobriety.

I created an evidence-based, interdisciplinary, holistic approach to healing and recovery that speaks to the unique needs of women and LGBTQ+ folks in recovery spaces.

Sobriety and recovery can feel complicated and overwhelming. As your sober coach, I bring the combination of lived experience and acquired expertise in the field of addiction and recovery to remove the overwhelm and complication from the process.  

I wholeheartedly believe in you, know that you already have everything you need inside you and that you can change your life, creating something that feels aligned, authentic and yours.


As your coach, I'm here to support you in remembering and re-connecting to yourself while providing you with support, tools, guidance and mentorship along the way. You can do this alone but you don't have to. 

I KNOW the power and freedom to be found in sobriety and it would be my honor to support you in your journey.

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Curious about what working together could look like? 

I provide complimentary connection calls for everyone interested in 1:1 coaching with me providing my expertise is a good match for your needs and goals. These calls give us a chance to get to know each other and you will leave this call with new insights and a clear sense of next steps. If you are interested in learning more about how 1:1 coaching with me could support the life you want to be living, please click the link below and complete my assessment. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

When I'm not in coach mode, you can likely find me:
  • Riding my outdoor or indoor bike (LB name: SoberAmySpins)

  • Reading multiple books a week

  • Cross-stitching my heart out

  • Hanging out in nature

  • Spending quality time with my people

  • Planning my next trip

People Say the Nicest Things!

I found Amy's coaching program during a pretty stalled part of my life. I had been sober curious for probably 3-4 years, knowing that alcohol was creating this huge barrier in my health and my personal progress, but I was too scared or unsure how to remove it. My personal life and professional career were all intertwined with the wine industry, and I felt like I was going to lose myself completely in removing the booze. On the other hand, I also knew that if I didn't ditch the booze, I would keep sliding down that slippery slope of dependence and keep living in this blah space. I knew I didn't want to quit alone, and Amy offered a comprehensive program that kept me engaged and learning throughout the whole process.


Amy provided me with a toolkit full of helpful skills to be able to face each day alcohol free. What I didn't realize before I began coaching is that alcohol was affecting each and every aspect of my life, which meant I had to comb through and switch the way I showed up daily. It wasn't just about not drinking, it was about setting routines, choosing self care, creating and upholding boundaries, and sitting with your emotions. These were all things that alcohol never allowed me to do, so while it took practice, it became easier and more natural over time.


I don't think I believed that I would be happy without wine in my life. Through the work with Amy, I came to love myself and know myself better than ever. I like myself alcohol free, and I am more grounded in who I am. Anyone looking to free themselves from the cyclical and self-deprecating trap of big alcohol would benefit from working with Amy. There is a lot of BS out there about alcohol and how we all need it to be a part of society. Amy will help you blow that all up and help you create a life you want to live and be HAPPY without alcohol.


Thank you Amy for changing and improving my life!

- Mallory, Unshakeable Sobriety 1:1 Coaching Client

Feeling ready to start your sober journey? Drop your name and email below to grab a free copy of my 5 Step Guide to Kick-Start Your Sobriety Workbook! Be sure to put "workbook" in the subject box! 

See you in your inbox soon!

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