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Lose the Booze Group Coaching

Welcome to the new and improved Lose the Booze Group Coaching program! I created this 12-week program as a way to provide a high level of support to women who are sober curious, interested in pausing their drinking or looking to kick-start their sobriety in a supportive, community environment. This program runs 4 times a year (with start dates in January, April, July and October) . The next round of this group coaching program starts: January 8th, 2024

This group coaching program was designed with your success in mind by building in a ton of support, accountability and tangible tools that you can use and implement in your life immediately. 

Throughout the program, you'll receive 12 weekly group coaching calls which is your opportunity to get 1:1 coaching and support and to learn from others who are getting coaching. By joining this program, you will also be a part of an amazing community of women who are doing the same work alongside you!

At the end of this program, you can expect to:

  • feel confident in saying no to booze

  • hold different beliefs about yourself and the role of alcohol in your life 

  • have completely different habits and rituals to support yourself


  • change your drinking habits  and create new habits that serve you


  • gain clarity on what your triggers and motivations are for drinking and know how to manage them


  • experience more clarity and presence


  • re-program your mindset around booze

  • release limiting beliefs about yourself and the role alcohol plays in your life


  • have more energy and better sleep

Members of this program receive:

  • 12 live group coaching sessions in Zoom ($1500 value)

  • 12 weekly video trainings on topics like: boundaries & priorities, self-sabotage, self-care, habits & habit change, mindset & beliefs and more ($1200 value) 

  • Voxer support for the duration of the program ($900 value)​ 

  • One private 75 minute 1:1 coaching session with me ($300 value)

  • Workbooks, handouts and customized resources to support your journey ($100 value)


  • Private Facebook group 

  • Book & podcast recommendations



This program is for women who:

  • have decided they want to quit drinking but aren't sure how

  • want to change their relationship to alcohol


  • want more from life than what can be found in a bottle

  • are WILLING to show up and do the work


  • are committed to engaging and supporting other women in this group

  • want to get a feel for working with a coach

  • want to step into their power and own their lives

What  Amy's Coaching Clients Say About Working With Her:

"I am so grateful I found Amy when I was ready to make lasting change to my mindset and reaffirm my sobriety. From the first session, I knew I was in excellent hands. Amy uses multiples modalities to help you envision the best version of yourself in the future; visualization, meditation, EFT and action steps all work together to create a you that you can be proud of that no longer wishes to escape from the life you are living. It's the best feeling waking up each day grateful and optimistic.


Through working with Amy, I feel I have the tools to live my life in line with my values and to work on the areas that need a little more love. If you feel stuck in the same routine and thinking that you know is not serving you - I can not recommend Amy enough. You will be so thankful that you took this step to improve your mindset and drastically shift what is possible for your future."

Jody | Nov 2020

"Amy's coaching has supported me on my journey to bring me home to myself. Her approach is modern, empowering, and has enriched my life in unexpected ways.

Just when I've hit a roadblock, Amy provides an ecosystem of tailored support: she gives me a new way of looking at the issue and new tools to break down barriers.

Our work together is not a straight line; it's a beautifully squiggly one, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She is an inspiration!"

Alyssa | Feb 2021

"I have to admit I was hesitant about taking this step – financially and emotionally, I had tried to stop drinking alcohol many times, I could not comprehend how eight weeks with a stranger could really help. Amy provided not only accountability which helped me with the initial challenges of quitting drinking but as the weeks went on it became very apparent through her coaching I was not drinking because I loved alcohol, it was a symptom of other things, the last few weeks we met the word alcohol barely entered the conversation.  She taught me to be curious about my feelings, provided me with language and tools to express those feelings and to be comfortable with uncomfortable feelings and to not numb them by drinking.  The sessions with Amy have been truly transformational and I have learned so much and I am excited to continue on my journey of learning. If you are even considering working with Amy, I encourage you to talk to her, you will notice right away her emotional intelligence and how truly passionate she is about this process."

Christy | Feb 2021

If you are woman who is currently struggling with your relationship to alcohol and know that you want to create change in your life but aren't sure how, this program is for you.

If you know you want to quit drinking but question whether you can or not, this program is for you.

If you are ready to create a life that you love, free of alcohol, this program is for you.

Everything amazing that exists in my life today has been made possible through sobriety. You are worthy of living a life that is free of alcohol. The benefits of sobriety are endless so if you're even a bit curious about what your life could look like without alcohol and you want to experience those benefits first hand, join us. 

The next round of this program will start January 8th, 2024. Registration for this round will open December 7th, 2023. Due to the high level of support and care provided in this program, space is limited to 7 women.

Early bird investment in this program is $1497 (Canadian, plus taxes if you live in Canada) and is available from December 7th-22nd, 2023. On December 23rd, 2023, the price increases to $1997 (Canadian, plus taxes if you live in Canada).

Payment plans are available upon request. 

Please reach out to me at with questions or to be added to the waitlist!

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