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Private/1:1 Coaching & Support Options

Private/1:1 coaching is one of the best ways to ensure that you create lasting, sustainable change when it comes to your relationship with alcohol. My private/1:1 coaching packages are my most intimate and intensive offering; they allow us to dive deep and go far together. Whether you are sober curious or newly sober, seeking long term sobriety complete with tools, high-level support, accountability and care or you have been sober for a while but haven't yet found the spark and joy in your sober life, I have private support options for you. 

For clients who have completed either my group coaching program or a private/1:1 package, I also create customized packages for additional support so if we've worked together and you'd like to again, please reach out and let's co-create something for you.


Scroll through the options below to see what might best meet your needs. Should you have any questions about the options below, I'm just an email away.


If you love the idea of coaching but want the community element, check out my group coaching and support options.

Unshakeable Sobriety 1:1 Support

This program was designed with love and evidence-based tools to support you in completely changing your relationship to alcohol, to support you in creating a life that you love and don't want to escape from and over time, to make alcohol irrelevant in your life. 

I designed this program  as a roadmap to return home to yourself. 

I created this program because when I was getting sober, I felt lost and stumbled my way through the process and I want to share what I learned so that you don't have to stumble.

The Unshakeable Sobriety program is 3 months in length (at minimum) and was created as a holistic approach to help you change and improve your life in sustainable, lasting ways. 

This program is holistic and interdisciplinary in its approach meaning that we will not only address how and why alcohol has become a problem in your life but how you got to where you are while examining other elements like stress management, central nervous system care, coping strategies, self-care, resiliency, people pleasing tendencies, boundaries, communication, self-sabotage, confidence and more.


In many cases, clients approach me to deal with how alcohol has become a problem in their lives but only after it's been used a solution to address other issues. In our work together, we will address it all, slowly and gently over time.



Unshakeable Sobriety Website Image - March 2023 (3).png

This work is not only about changing your relationship to alcohol but about making your life, on the whole, better.

I draw from a variety of disciplines including positive and behavioural psychology, mindfulness and meditation, the science of habits, mindset transformation, somatic techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/tapping) and more. In addition to being a dual-certified coach, I am also a certified meditation teacher and a certified EFT practitioner, which are modalities I incorporate with all my clients.

A dynamic, multidisciplinary approach that works to address and improve our mental, emotional and physical states is vital in creating lasting change in your life.

This program was designed to give you tools and practices that you can take into your life to support your sobriety while also prioritizing your wellness, healing and self-care.

The Details:

  • This program is 3 months in length with the option to renew

  • The 3 month program includes weekly 75 minute 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom (12 in total)

  • While working together, you also have unlimited support from me via Voxer

  • Each week will include celebrating the wins, a topic of focus (boundaries, people pleasing, self-sabotage, self-care, confidence) and developing action steps that prompt forward motion, supporting you in getting closer to your goals and the life you want

  • Mindset transformation, habit change and strengthening resiliency are pillars of this program so aspects of all three areas are baked into the course including taking a pre and post coaching resiliency assessment 

  • To support action and forward momentum, you will also receive handouts and workbooks created by me to integrate the work we're doing

  • Within each 3 month program, clients also receive a customized tapping session which is used to address a key issue that the client wants to create change around

  • The investment for my 3 month coaching program is CAD3600 (+ HST if you live in Canada). I offer payment plans (3 monthly payments of $1200) and extended payment plans (6 monthly payments of $600) in an effort to increase accessibility.

NB: If you have a health spending account through your employer, you may also be eligible for partial reimbursement for my services as I am a certified and registered health coach.

This program was designed for those seeking to make their lives better, for those wishing to make alcohol small and insignificant in their lives and for those who are willing to take a stand for themselves and the lives they want to be living. 

You don't have to be ready. In fact, chances are you will never feel entirely ready to change your life. Readiness is not a requirement. The only requirement for this work is a willingness to show up and try. If this describes you, I invite you to apply for 1:1 support. I would love to walk beside you in this meaningful and important work.

Joyful Sobriety 1:1 Coaching Program

The Joyful Sobriety 1:1 Coaching Program was intentionally designed to support already sober women and queer folks reclaim and spark the magic and joy in their sober lives.

What inspired this offering is what I have seen in many folks after getting sober: they are no longer struggling with the hurdles of early sobriety but they aren’t thriving, joyful and loving their lives. They still have lingering habits, limiting beliefs and often feel unmotivated. And I hate seeing this! 

If you’ve been sober for a minute but feeling kinda meh about life, this program is for you.

⚡️ You’ve gotten over the hump of getting sober but you don’t yet feel like you’ve hit your stride.

⚡️ You feel stuck in limbo between hitting your sober goals and figuring out what’s next.

⚡️ You are no longer drinking but remnants of your drinking days (habits, patterns, mindsets, beliefs) still linger.

⚡️ You’re ready to start writing the next chapter of your sober journey but you can’t find your pen.

The Details:

  • This program is 4 months in length with the option to renew

  • The 4 month program includes 8 bi-weekly 75 minute 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom 

  • While working together, you also have unlimited support from me via Voxer

  • This program is designed for individuals who have at least one year of continuous sobriety

    Module 1: Assess & Align includes:
    The HOL + WELL Life Assessment
    - Priorities & Boundaries
    - Core Values
    - Resiliency Assessment
    Module 2: Taking Flight includes:
    - Addressing mindset and beliefs
    - Breaking self-sabotaging patterns
    - Habits and habit change
    Module 3: Creating Joy includes:
    - Rediscovering joy
    - Finding/creating play
    - Self-care
    Module 4: Joyful Future Visioning includes:
    - Customized tapping session
    - Customized mental rehearsal
    - Future visioning

  • To support action and forward momentum, you will also receive handouts and workbooks created by me to integrate the work we're doing

  • The investment for the Joyful Sobriety 1:1 Coaching Program is CAD2400 (+ HST if you live in Canada). I offer payment plans (4 monthly payments of $600) 

If you are sober and not yet thriving but would love to be, let's talk! Everything you could possibly imagine is available to you in sobriety and I would love to support you in creating and finding it.  

NB: If you have a health spending account through your employer, you may also be eligible for partial reimbursement for my services as I am a certified and registered health coach.

People Say the Nicest Things!

"I have worked with Amy three times in the last two years. Each time I have gained new insight into my behavior that has allowed me to evolve into todays version of myself (which thank god is a more self aware, resilient and calm version than the me of two years ago.)


When I reached out to Amy for coaching this time it was to help me with the pattern I was seeing of replacing alcohol with food. We worked on mindset and challenged my beliefs around ‘rewarding’ myself via an external source. We went over how important morning routines are to centering oneself and setting myself up for success. Over time the sessions evolved such that we worked on challenging professional situations that arose and problem solved action items that made me feel focused and capable of meeting the challenges versus feeling defeated. Amy’s willingness to tailor our sessions to these new challenges  I was facing reflects how skilled she is in understanding the needs of her client.


Amy makes me feel safe and supported which is why I have returned time and again for coaching. Further,  I willingly share her articles on various sobriety groups, not out of obligation, but simply because her insight is so valuable and has brought me so much peace that I want more people to discover the power in her words. I highly recommend Amy to anyone who wants an ally as they work to change their mindset and behavior." 


- Jody, Unshakeable Sobriety & Empowered Transformation 1:1 Coaching Client, May 2022

**Note: My coaching practice is virtual and relies on a variety of online platforms to function smoothly including: email, Zoom, Google Drive, Facebook, Voxer, etc. In order to work and communicate effectively together, please ensure that you have a solid working understanding of these tools or a willingness to learn them.

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