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HOL + WELL Sober Collective

In late 2022, I was feeling the pull to connect with other sober and sober curious women. I know the vital importance of community and safe spaces to share your experiences with alcohol and the sober journey so I created the HOL + WELL Sober Collective, a private Facebook group for sober and sober curious women to gather. Since its inception, this group has become one of my favorite corners of the internet. The space is intimate, engaged, and extremely supportive and contains a multitude of women and experiences. In addition to the awesome community members, there are also tons of resources including guided meditations, podcasts, community calls, articles and more.

There is so much power and value in finding a space where you can share parts of yourself that you might typically keep to yourself and to know that you will be met with support and care is a vital experience for anyone on the sober path.


If you are a sober curious or newly sober woman seeking connection, friendship, community and a space to share, feel supported, heard and seen, you're invited to join us. You belong here.


This is an entirely free space. You will be asked to answer some questions and agree to the group rules prior to being admitted.

I look forward to welcoming you to our community space.

When asked about the HOL + WELL Sober Collective, here's what members had to say:

Safe, welcoming and informative


Comfortable, encouraging, helpful

Safe, home base for both education & support, non-judgmental accountability


non-judgmental space

Safe space

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