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How do you know if you have a problem with drinking?

For many of us, drinking becomes habitual, something that is baked into various aspects of our lives. We don't think twice about glasses of wine while making and eating dinner or afterwork drinks or adding alcohol to the mix of any and every celebration. Alcohol has become exceedingly normalized to the point where we no longer question it despite its inherent addictive qualities and the risks and harms that accompany consuming it.

If you are wondering if alcohol might be an issue in your life, I invite you to take the quiz below. At the very least, it might provide some new insights and perspectives on your relationship with drinking plus it will offer some guidance on what it could look like to get curious and change your relationship with alcohol should you wish to. 

Once you complete the quiz and submit your email info, you will receive: 

  • your results 

  • a copy of my 5 Step Guide to Kickstart Your Sobriety Workbook and

  • customized-to-you suggestions based on your results and next steps you can take in changing your relationship with alcohol


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Chances are, if you are Googling questions like "How much drinking is too much?" or "How to stop drinking" or taking a quiz to determine as much, there is likely something about your relationship with alcohol that isn't working for you. This is where I come in. 

Whether it's joining my free private community for sober and sober curious women on Facebook for connection and shared experiences, taking a month off of booze to give your body a break while learning something about yourself, jumping into a 3 month group offering or take the plunge with private coaching, I've got something to support you if you are interested in changing your relationship with alcohol and creating a new experience. 

Keep your eyes peeled for an email from me with your results, my workbook and suggestions on next steps! 

Thanks for taking this quiz and congrats on getting curious about your relationship with alcohol.

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