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Hey there!

If you're here to grab your copy of the Getting Out of Your Own Damn Way Workbook: Tools for Understanding, Shifting and Smashing Self-Sabotage in Your Life, you're in the right place! Newsflash: every single one of us has engaged in self-sabotaging behaviour. This often happens when we are creating change in our lives, leveling-up or otherwise shifting in uncomfortable ways.

This workbook was designed to help you understand, shift and smash through self-sabotage in your life through a variety of exercises, activities and tools. It's 36 pages of in-depth knowledge, exercises, reflections, tools and book recommendations to support you in understanding how self-sabotage shows up in your life and learning what to do about it so that you can move forward.

This workbook will be helpful for you if:

- you're clear on your goals but find as you're about to reach them, you fall "off track"

- you know where you want to go but fear taking the first step

- you ruminate on negative thoughts that hold you back

- you know you engage in self-sabotaging behaviours (we all do so you're in great company) but don't know how to avoid them 

The cost of this workbook is $7.99 (Canadian). To get your hands on a copy, complete the info below.

Be sure to add the word "SABOTAGE" into the subject box and keep your eyes peeled for an email from me!

Here's to kicking your self-sabotaging patterns in the butt!

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