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Detox Your Life

If you came here from my About Me page, you'll know that I have a product-based wellness business with Arbonne. Starting my Arbonne business really opened my eyes to how many toxic, harmful chemicals are found in our skincare, personal care and household products.  


When I became aware of the vast number of toxic and potentially dangerous ingredients and chemicals that were used in all kinds of products, I immediately began changing all my products and began to educate on the importance of low-tox living and how to transition to this lifestyle. Over the years, I have acquired an abundance of information about holistic living, largely through practicing and implementing various tools into my life. 

Bringing a new level of awareness around toxic products really led me to dig deeper into learning more about food and nutrition as well as turning my attention to how to create cleaner, safer, healthier products around my home. This page is intended to give you tools and DIY approaches to making the transition to a low-tox lifestyle by making simple, sustainable changes to what you're putting on and in your body and what products you're using in your home. 

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