Coaching is powerful tool of transformation for your health and  life.

In working with me as your coach, you can expect to:

  • Become aware of & release your limiting beliefs

  • Create the highest possible vision for your life

  • Discover what's been stopping you & holding you back from achieving this

  • Start to close the gap between where you are & where you want to be

  • Acquire tools that support you in moving towards your goals

  • Learn how to create conditions for your inevitable success

  • Begin to understand & step fully into your personal power

  • Learn new, healthy, sustainable habits that will last a lifetime

  • Experience massive results in your health & life

My Approach to Coaching:

I wholeheartedly believe my clients are whole, complete, perfect beings who have everything they need inside them to create change in their lives. And sometimes, we can benefit from working with someone who has walked the path that we want to walk, who can support us in re-discovering our strength, capacity and power.


I seek to support my clients transformations by creating a space that allows them to empower themselves and uncover what already exists within them. A coaching relationship is one of co-creation and in addition to providing support, I offer accountability, tools and a system to follow to take the guess work out of sobriety. 

I bring 6 years of sobriety and recovery to the table coupled with my expertise and knowledge in addiction and importantly, offer simple, effective, and powerful tools that my clients can learn and apply in their lives for immediate change.

The foundation of my coaching practice is radical honesty, mindset transformation (tackling and shifting your limiting beliefs), sustainable habit change and resilience building. I believe all 4 components are essential when it comes to changing your relationship to alcohol and changing your life.

While most of my clients are women, I am happy to work with any individual at any point in their sobriety or recovery journey providing they are willing to show up and do the work. Hiring a coach does not mean they deliver the results for you. Hiring a coach means you are ready to own your life and put in the effort to create change in a supportive, guided environment. If this sounds appealing and beneficial to where you are in your journey, I would strongly encourage you to book a complimentary transformation call with me. Calls are 60-75 minutes in length and will give me an opportunity to get to know you, you to know me, for you to learn about my coaching offerings and to determine if working together is the next best step. You can live the life you want. I would love to support you in this journey. Let's begin.

 1-on-1 Coaching 

Group  Coaching 

Unshakeable Sobriety

1:1 Coaching

This is a 1:1 coaching program for women who are currently struggling with their drinking and wish to live an alcohol-free life but don't know how to enter or sustain sobriety. The foundation of this program is  mindset transformation, habit change, and resilience building to create and support lasting change in your life.

In an effort to make my coaching services, support and resources accessible and inclusive, I have developed an 8-week group coaching program that is intended to provide a high level of support, accountability, and value for those seeking support and change. Click the button below to learn more. 

Next 8-week group coaching program begins: TBA.


Women's Recovery

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Certified Practitioner

Habit Change

Mindset Transformation



Certified Meditation Teacher

Resilience Building



Stress Reduction 

I received my coaching training from the Health Coach Institute (HCI), where I earned both my health and life coaching certificates. The root of HCI’s Become a Health Coach program is habit change; therefore, habit change is the basis of my coaching practice. In addition, the training I received at HCI was interdisciplinary and evidence-based, drawing on various fields including behavioural psychology, neurology, holistic nutrition, and functional medicine.


As an HCI graduate, I am accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Canadian Health Coach Alliance, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (UK) and the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (Australia and New Zealand).  

As of August 2022, I am also a Health Coach Alliance Registered Health Coach (HCA-RHC).

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