Lose the Booze 100 Day Challenge

Thanks for your interest in the Lose the Booze 100 Day Challenge! The challenge is currently on hiatus but if you are looking for a great group coaching program, please visit the Lose the Booze Monthly Group Coaching page.

What People Say:

"Taking part in Amy's 100 Day Challenge gave me the daily tools and accountability I needed to stay motivated as well as a community to support the process. I am 190 days into a brand new life. So grateful every day."

Client R.

Lose the Booze 100 Day Challenge 

Aug 2019

"I'm so grateful to be a part of this challenge! My life has literally changed so much in the last 45 days! With a clear mind, I can see how much alcohol inhibited me in my life's potential. The group format, accountability and knowledge I'm gaining along the way are supporting my long term success."

Client H.

Lose the Booze 100 Day Challenge 

Dec 2019